Who we are

The AFrican Entrepreneurship & Enterprises Center (AFEEC) is an International not-for-profit organization whose mission is to grow, improve and strengthen the number of entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries at home and worldwide. Our goal is to advance the use of entrepreneurship, enterprise methods and techniques, and employee ownership to build stronger, higher performing enterprises across Africa, particularly in needy countries.

Message from the Founders


The AFrican Entrepreneurship & Enterprises Center (AFEEC), founded in 2003, is the vision of JF MIGOLET BOUBANGA and Akim A. YESSOUFOU. Having turned that vision into a reality, creating an organization dedicated to changing business pratice and aspiration across the continent, JF MIGOLET BOUBANGA and Akim A. YESSOUFOU now need your help to make a difference.

Our Philosophy: take actions now

The Center is an international educational institution that upholds the ideals of entrepreneurship and enterprises. We give people the skills to turn their business ideas into reality. We are not, however, a business school. We are a center of learning. We teach you how to fish instead of giving you the fish. We teach you how to get your hands dirty, how to unlock your potential, to share, to give back to the community. We help you how to master your fears, doubts. We even help you how to plan your future whoever and wherever you might be. We help you to change yourself by yourself. We represent African values combined with the art of business.

What we do:

We strongly believe that knowledge is the key to independence and financial prosperity. AFEEC helps you with that too. We also advocate employee ownership to build stronger, higher performing enterprises. In order to ensure that AFEEC continues to thrive throughout Africa and worldwide, we plan to collaborate with best entrepreneurship centers in the world.


The industry of enterprise, entrepreneurship, and management in Africa has faltered for many reasons but we can rebuild skills and aspirations. We will offer training, seminars, coaching, and conferences developed with our partners and sponsors to bring about change. We solely focus on entrepreneurship, and we encourage our fellow "Afeecans" to give back by donating their time, by mentoring, volunteering, and by being a role model for the next "Afeecans" and their communities.
Africa also boasts rising stock markets, bourgeoning city life, an educated and active middle class, and even Internet cafes and cell phones! According to the U.S. government's Overseas Private Investment Corp., Africa offers the highest return in the world on direct foreign investment. The irony is that it attracts the least when compared to other emerging economies.
The answer to Africa's numerous challenges is not only economic development through trade and investment, but also a big "army" of entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, and managers. Entrepreneurship is one of the keys for Africa's development. By training or helping most young Africans to be able to create, innovate, or by giving them the tools to become familiar with entrepreneurship, we will be able to create thousands of jobs, decrease unemployment rates, and effect positive change upon the continent's image.
The future of our world should be not only peaceful but also green with an army of entrepreneurs and with your help. We are working hard and smart to make this vision a reality.

Hensel Supports AFEEC.

Hensel Hosting a Amsterdam company co-founded by Marieke Hensel has donated 1 year webhosting to the African Enterpreneurship & Enterprises Center (AFEEC). The entire Afeec Team would like to thank Hensel Hosting for believing in the project purpose. http://www.hensel.nl

Project Benin Future.

Besides working on AFEEC, JF Migolet Boubanga and Akim A. Yessoufou are currently also developing the idea of a new Benin. See the beginnings here.

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