Workshop on seminar conducted by business expert professional (leadership/Management/Entrepreneurship/ business finance/getting funding
Project Development (helping developing concepts into reality)
Internal project (intern projects)

AFEEC Mentor Program :

1.Career Assessment
2.Individual career coaching, including resume review and mock interviews
3.Career workshops and student support groups
4.Resume database for employer review
5.Internship and career postings
6.On-campus interviewing
7.Company briefings and presentations
8.Connections with industries, associations worldwide

Training classes at AFEEC offer students a professional environment with rigorous instruction, small class sizes, and friendly relationships with instructors and fellow participants.

Business Planning Express (BPX) is an accelerated three-class course on business plan development, building a work team, and structuring a competitive business. Each of the three classes lasts 4-6 weeks and meets on a weekly basis. (100+ prospective entrepreneurs have had their business formation rates accelerated by attending and completing BPX.)
AFEEC also offers several specialized classes on topics such as legal issues, presentation skills, and technology. It also teaches start-up courses for those individuals interested in creating a business in a particular field, such as eBay or child care, etc.

The facility, which is approximately 50,000 assignable square feet, will have classrooms, conference rooms and common areas for students, as well as faculty and staff offices.
We are looking for architects and construction companies worlwide to assist us to make one up.

Download the AFEEC Building Architectural Design (1.14 Mb).

AFEEC will call on successful countries (or in their way) in Africa and worldwide to give a hand, to help others countries in difficulties. We do not have to lose those values of previous generations. It is good to look at USA, Europe, Asian models, but it is better to first look at our own models.
Our following challenges in the next 10 years will be:
  • Young people achievements, mental, moral are in constant decline: they need to be motivated.
  • African unemployed heads the list of high percentage in the world (65%).
  • Teachers professional status is non existent.
  • No infrastructure for Entrepreneus to express themselves, exchange and serve as role model.
  • To turn African misfortunes into fortunes.
  • Rapid turnover of companies after just 2 years.
  • Non existent public awareness to educational, social issues, etc.

We need your expertise and participation to build up AFEEC. When You help AFEEC, you help the World.

You are welcome to donate your time, skills expertise, material, etc and not just some financial aid to make this project happen.

By pressing the button below you will be taken to the secure site of PayPal which takes care of your request.
Your donation will be spent in the following way:
  • to cover our daily operations (newsletters, events, etc)
  • to enable us to promote the project worlwide
  • to continue to improve our website and invite people to join us
  • to set up the Afeec Business Plan
Things AFEEC need:
  • motivated people, staff team AFEEC, volunteers
  • translator (french, chinese, germans, arabic, spanish, english, korean)
  • a small office (furnished if possible) for 1 year lease: in San Diego, Canada, Ghana.
  • 1 MAC and 3 PC computers (1 laptop)
  • a filmaker (films , documentary, etc)
  • printed tee-shirts company
  • web developper
  • motivated people to sit in our board of Directors and Trustees.
  • proofreading
  • writer
  • photographers
  • producer
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