An educator, communicator, personal coach, and leader, JF Migolet Boubanga devoted the past three years of his life to discovering and developing his unique gift as a visionary leader. AFEEC is one of the results of that difficult and beautiful long journey. JF is thankful to all the people who helped and inspired him to find his true self, especially to his co-partner Akim A. Yessoufou.

Originally a native of Gabon, Africa, JF currently lives in San Diego, California, where he is busy identifying, establishing, communicating, and supporting the vision of AFEEC. At the same time, he motivates and inspires others to follow their own dreams. In addition, he attends seminars and conferences to build relationships and expand and share his knowledge.

His philosophy is that if we believe, we can achieve. He is also convinced that successful entrepreneurs have a passion for sharing their vision and helping others.


Born in Gabon, Africa, Akim A. Yessoufou grew up in Benin and has been passionate about new technologies and entrepreneurship since his early childhood. This led him to pursue a business degree at ESG Paris, where he met his classmate, friend, and partner JF Migolet Boubanga. Their shared interest in becoming entrepreneurs has been the foundation of a lasting and rewarding friendship.

Inspired by his co-partner's move to the US, Akim decided to move to Canada after his graduation. Before deciding to put his vision and skills to work for causes he believes in, such as Benin Future, Akim worked for several well-known companies such as United Airlines France and Gallup Leger Marketing. He currently lives in Montreal.


Sandra Vargas Chavez was first introduced to AFEEC by co-founder JF Migolet Boubanga, whom she met through a business networking website (www.openbc.com). After exchanging ideas, Sandra felt inspired to contribute her time and effort to help make this project become reality. She donated her time to translate AFEEC's web content into Spanish (coming soon).

Sandra has also been instrumental in promoting our mission to the Spanish speaking community, especially to young people. And while she already earned a degree in international business from ITESM-CCM, one of Sandra's dreams is to be among AFEEC's first alumni.

Her belief is that with a little sacrifice, love, and determination, a person can truly accomplish anything in life. Sandra loves to paint and draw, and also enjoys dancing and playing volleyball.

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